Never Too Late To Start Writing

It was started with an article by mak Alaika, Srikandi Blogger 2013, which made members of Kumpulan Emak Blogger wanted to practice English eagerly. Blog is a personal world wide media. We shouldn't limit our opportunity. Universal language is NOT the main problem for us to deliver ideas. The main problem is to omit out lack of confidence. When we have self confidence, we can learn anything. So, we begin to learn English together to reduce the obstacles.

writing and blogging

Mak Alaika suggested to take "writing for me" as the topic, while mak Indah Juli viciously chose me to begin this project. Rrrrr....

So now, let's talk about me. What is writing for me. Maybe, I'm one of a few KEB members who started writing in the middle adulthood age. In another words, I started writing when I was not young. In my youth, I was busy chasing career in industries. When I was no longer working in the office, I started to search what I still had. Become a full time mother was great, but I knew I can grow beyond that. I took my retiring father as an example that we can do beyond our competence if we have a willingness to do it. He published his first Javanese dictionary years after he retired.

I knew blog in 2008 when I really had nothing to do in my kids' school days. I didn't quickly understand how to blog. After that, it's unstoppable. To me, blogging is freedom. I'm free to express myself in blog since it's mine. Now that I pay for the hosting, I have to use it wisely for my own benefit. One thing I keep in mind is the fact that I'm not young anymore. The way I achieve my goals is different from most of bloggers or writers. I accept popularity & money like most bloggers.

In writing, focus on ourselves is very important. We can have friends as many as possible. But when we start writing, we have to remember that we are on our own. Learning together is also important like what I'm doing right now. But we have to realize when it's time to be on our own. Young women have plenty of time to be in groups, while I don't. Sometimes I have to stand aside to isolate my ideas so those can be done. It occasionally makes me less fun than my friends or other KEB members. 

Has your blog already been famous because of its worthwhile contents? How many books of yours have been on store by major publishers? I have a lot of younger friends who can answer those questions elaborately. I can't. My achievements in writing are not that long. I don't know if my blog can help those who look for information about handicraft or woman's life and I only have one book published by major publishers and several books published independently. I'm way behind.

At times, I lost my focus by enrolling blog competitions. Sometimes it was too late to realize that my time had been used by those brands to promote their products through competition. The prizes are always tempting, but the chances are slight, since we have to compete with so many bloggers. It could have been one blog article which could help other small businesses or a few pages for my new books, all of the things which will make my daughters remember me proudly when I'm no longer with them. Nevertheless, I enjoy participating giveaways held by my fellow bloggers because of the warm atmosphere of friendship.

I write something that can help others although in the simplest way because of my lack of knowledge on the topics and my less experience in writing. It will be a lot of catch ups. It will be a lot of hard working. But it will be exciting as well. Because writing, especially blogging, for me, has to be both fun and worthwhile.

There you go. Heheee.... Next is mak Rizki's turn. Please help to check the fluency mak Dina and mak Indah Nuria. :D

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  1. You're right about the writing contests! The prizes are tempting but the competitions are always tough. And well, I have never win any. Lol. But it's not a problem because for me, writing is for fun. I don't really look for achievement. I just want to write.

  2.'s not that hard at all, kan maaak it...writing as a legacy for your dear daughter is supeeer...and please, please....I am not checking for the, maks, are doing great!!..the flow is there, the message is clear...a little juggle with prepositions and infinitive vs verb-ing here and there is pretty normal...even natives have problems with again, bravooooo mak..hugs, hugs...

  3. WOw, amazing about all your words article. Makes me so not confident. My English writting very worst. Many error too. But the most important, I am happy for writing. Just writing. :D

  4. thank you Mak for great article you share. I got your point about competition. Even writing for me is fun, I still have to focus on what I should do . your article enlight my opinion to get focus on something worth in my life. (sorry, my english is not good, but I try to learn eagerly)

  5. See? You did a great job, Mak! Where is the 'not confidence' hiding? It disappeared, isn't it? :D

    Agreed with you, Mak Lusi, writing is a unique legacy for our children. It can't be lost and will stay forever as the witness, expressed your ideas, opinion and anything you want to record. :)

    For me, writing is a soul therapy/self healing as well, beside the legacy. Thanks for sharing, Mak. What a nice article. Bravo, Mak Lusi. Yeay!!

  6. What a nice article, mak Lusi. I can't imagine how to write the words down so fluently. How could I write as touching as yours?


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