Monday, October 21, 2013

"Berani Ikut Pameran" is Available at Amazon

Dear friends, although Berani Ikut Pameran hasn't been translated into English yet, it's already available at Frankly, I have never bought anything from Amazon. Therefor, I offer you to write an article about how to buy the book at Amazon. Although it's not about the book's content, but about how to buy it, I would be very happy if you include it in the article. You can look at the example here and are still allowed to use your own style. If you have finished, send it to The first two articles received will get some gift from me. There won't be any judging. The first article coming wins. I will re-write the articles to be published here. Thank you.

Berani Ikut Pameran di Amazon

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  1. biasanya yang suka belanja buku online itu suamiku mbak


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