5 DIY Commercial and Community Youtube Channels

Nowadays, you can't sell a product without giving the customers some ideas to use it. 

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Of course producer has the obligation to attach user's guidance, but it will be great to show some value added. Standard function is boring and the seller faces a lot of competitors. By showing the customers that they can explore the usage, they will need the product and service more. This is also to show the customers how the producers or sellers are trying to be helpful and to be the customers' friends.

Youtube channel is the best media to connect with the customers. 

But people won't go to a certain channel just to watch a commercial. So they have to upload interesting videos to attract visitors. DIY video is one of favorite channels which are often used by brands to make their products familiar. Mostly they would not present the products directly to the audiences but made them part of the step by step tutorial. If you notice that the subscribers are not so huge, it's because many people have already subscribed to their own region channels.

So, next time you don't have any idea what will you do with what you have in your drawers or warehouse, simply open these videos.

1. Home Depot

Home Depot is a huge American retailer of home improvement products and services. Maybe you heard its name a lot of TV shows as it sponsored home makeover programs many times. I don't know more about it since the website is prohibited by my server. Home Depot has 119,917 subscribers. 

Everybody knows this Swedish retailer, including you, don't you? It's so popular that it has so many IKEA hacks on youtube. The department stores are all over the world and each of them has it own youtube channel. No wonder it only has 21,654 subscribers on its main channel.Unfortunately, there is no IKEA Indonesia channel. IKEA also gives online purchase service. IKEA appearance in youtube is really massive.


I just found this adorable youtube channel a few days ago. I instantly loved this channel. You will find a lot of DIY vloggers submit their creations here. Most of all, the contributors are all women which make me like having parties with my girl friends. HGTV has 256,424 subscribers.

4. Good Housekeeping
As far as I know, Good Housekeeping (GH) is a very old magazine. Recently, they have an excellent website as well. Because it's originally from a printed format, no wonder they have a lot of videos. They have a lot of written contents to be applied into a video format. GH has 26,042 subscribers.

5. Martha Stewart
Martha Stewart is my idol. She has a magazine, TV show, mega website and I'm glad she also has a youtube channel. In term of the skill, common on, what can't she do? Her youtube channel has 201,259 subscribers.

What's your favorite DIY Youtube channel?

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  1. Hhhm kalo youtube biasanya aku liat resep2 masak aja. Putri bungsuku suka liat youtube yang kepang2 model rambut, kalo yg sulung dan anakku cowok suka belajar gitar dari youtube.


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