Wednesday, June 15, 2016

What You Must Tell Your Children Before Signing Up For A Social Media Account

We heard so many times about teenagers being abused in social media, but somehow we don't take it for granted because it's not happening to our own. 

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As a matter of fact, it could happen to anyone. Social media exposes our relation with our friends and unknown people. Teenagers have to be prepared before entering such open communication. Unfortunately, a lot of under age kids sign up for an account with or without their parent permission. Yes, there are some parents who give their permission to their under age children. They said it's good for them to keep in touch. Some said it's for family documentation. Unfortunately, they share it with others and fail to notice the changes of their kids behavior.

Most of the social media platforms require minimum 13 years of age for signing up.

And most parents are already aware about it. But how many of us really care about this restriction. Social media is not a playground. Social media is not a neighborhood. Social media is more dangerous than a jungle. We don't know to whom we talk to. Even if the opposite person uses our friend's name, it could be an impostor.

Is your 13 years old child ready to sign up for a social media account?

It's true that every child has different pace of growth. But at least we have to tell them some points below to make them prepared.

1. Internet is forever. 
Once you upload something, it will be there forever, even if you delete it. It will emerge somewhere somehow.

2. Internet records everything and never forgives. 
Many people throw some jokes and end up in jail. You have to be really careful of what you post, even if you think it's not an important matter.

3. Nice people do not always agree with you.
You have been thought to be a nice person. In another part of the world, other kid gets the same lesson from her parent. But it doesn't mean both of you can get along in social media because your "nice" is not the same as her "nice". And people in social media are not ashamed to speak out their mind.

4. Online and offline are not the same.
Don't get involve too deep with your online acquaintance. He could be anybody even though he wrote a lot of himself in his biography. Be friend with someone who is probably at your age.

5. Post what makes you happy.
You're not a buzzer. You're not a public figure. You are just a kid. Don't be affected with "like" and "love". Enjoy your virtual life. Don't forget to post good things only.

children and social media

Technically, kids nowadays are smarter that their parents. They will find out how a social media account works. The main concern is whether they are mentally ready or not. The parents have the obligation to make sure it.


  1. Anak saya 14 tahun dan medsosnya belum terlalu jauh. Paling BBM dan WA-an sama teman. IG dia ada tapi jarang up load. Dan hubungan dengan teman sekolah dan teman rumah juga masih baik. Yang penting orang tua jangan sampai lengah ya mbak :)

  2. Postingan yang bermanfaat. Memang medsos itu sgt berbahaya bagi anak2.Mereka akan mempertanyakan bnyk standard baru..

  3. ini ngeri2 sedap ya mbaa... di 1 sisi, internet perlu, di sisi lain kalo disalahgunakan bisa bahayaa.. anakku hampir 7 taun, dan baru tau yg namanya youtube. tapi emaknya udah ketar-ketir bangeet..

  4. setujuuu semua dengan poin2 ini. Jadi terinspirasi buat nulis versi aku nih. Setidaknya yang dah aku terapin ke anak2ku

  5. Aku setuju banget sama poin-poin diatas mba Lusi. Memang penggunaan internet untuk anak-anak perlu diawasi dengan seksama. Apalagi anak sekarang suka kritis dan rasa ingin taunya gede banget. Keponakanku yang umur 5 tahun aja udah lincah berinternet ria. Ngeri-ngeri sedap memang :).

  6. Betul banget nih Mak, aku sepakat. Lha ya memang anak-anak itu mungkin sudah bisa mengoperasikan, tapi mereka belum paham esensinya social media ..

  7. Jaman anakku besar nanti kyknya akan ada yg lbh kekinian ketimbang fb, twiter, ig, entah apa. Moga saya sbg emaknya jg bisa ngikutin :D

  8. Waw. Mak Lusi..u're rock! It's so useful though i need it maybe 8-10 years later..

  9. Anak pertamaku, masih enam tahun tapi sudah bermain game di smartphone...pernah tanya juga tentang Facebook karena di game, ada link yang mengharuskan invite friend ke FB. Meskipun dia tanya FB saya, saya tidak mengijinkan... ya ampun, anakku udah tahu apa itu FB, ya itu cerita teman-temannya, Mbak. hiks

  10. Kadang was-was juga nih kalo putriku punya akun di berbagai sosmed. Kadang2 soal status itu anak-anak ya asal aja nulis, nggak ngerti hal2 negatif yg bisa timbul. Memang lain ya zaman sekarang ini dengan zaman dulu :)


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