7 Inspirational Housekeeping Youtube Channels For Moms

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Nowadays, being a mom has a lot of challenges.

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Everything is expensive, so moms are expected to save more. Moms have to be creative so they can stop paying for goods and services. Ideas are tried to recycle what's in the house.

Women also love beauty.

As a woman, a mom doesn't only try to fulfill the house needs, but also wants to make the house looks beautiful. The pressure to save more becomes very challenging since she also needs more materials for the house decoration.

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The age of youtubers make those purposes easier. It's hard for mommies to spend time to read and think. But by watching youtube only for a few minutes, they will quickly understand and get inspired.
After searching for two hours, I collected some valuable channels which focused on home decor and were presented by women. I really amazed by their efforts to make such videos.

I hope these youtube channels will help you to find some ideas as well.

1. For the Love of Organizing

This channel has 5,632 subcribers. This channel is rich of home decor ideas. She gave a lot of alternatives and multi usages of everything she had. The ideas were simple but unthinkable. We can immediately copy it without too many preparations.
2. Tiny House Giant Journey

I love to watch tiny house projects since I saw George Clarke in his Amazing Space TV program. He also showed some incredible works of ambitious people who wanted to prove that tiny spaces could give us comfortable living. Then I started to search similar projects on youtube. Tiny House Giant Journey has 84,826 subscribers. They recorded some tiny houses with different purposes. It was amazing to watch how the project owner arranged such tiny place into a wonderful home. I have bigger house but I find a lot of difficulties to hide all the messy things.

3. Innova Crafts

Innova Crafts has 275,664 subscribers. I love their so easy DIY. You don't need to have certain skills to do what is shown on the channel. Even our kids can follow the instructions easily. 

4. Thread Banger

Thread Banger has a fantastic 2,628,519 subscribers. It has many interesting videos to watch. The hack job will be source of ideas for mommies. My favorites are Man vs Pin aand Corrine Vs Pin. I don't know the Man's name and why he is called Man instead. Those are basically challenges on whether they can nail the perfect pictures in Pinterest. Their followers will choose a pin and they have to figure out how to be exactly like the picture. It's a clever break through to engage with the followers.
5. Clean My Space

This is what every mom needs. Although mommies in my town still like to pay for house assistants but more modern mommies prefer to take care of their own house cleaning. There are a lot of cleaning products in the market but somehow not all mommies understand which one is more effective. Mommies want to have a bath as clean as hotel's bathroom but they don't know how. A mom all time dream is to have a house which is ready to receive a guest at any time. No more panic scene when someone knocks the door. Subcribers at this channel are 465,234.
6. At Home With Nikki

At Home With Nikki is enjoyable to watch because it shows mommies the organized daily living. Mommies commonly experience the themes but those look easier and tidier on the channel. Some ideas can avoid mommies from daily dramas. At Home With Nikki has 151,941 subscribers.
7. Oh Joy!

Oh Joy! gives simple and lovely tutorials. Her creations are easy and sweet. Mommies with girls in the house will like this channel. Oh Joy! has 28,261 subscribers. Its subscribers are not as many as the others but it's full of ideas.
More youtube channels are very entertaining to watch, even the housekeeping videos. Nevertheless, it's better to cope the ideas. So mom, be ready! I'll knock your house.
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  1. Untung ada youtube yaa, tingal nonton langsung dpt inspirasi

  2. yay .. kereenn mba Lusi .
    yg no 1, For the Love of Organizing .. simply but great.
    ceramic mug buat pot tanaman,
    gelas beningbuat taruh tanaman/bunga .. cantiikk bening sexy ...hihi,

    makasih share link videonya.

  3. in english semua ya mba channelnya?

    1. Indonesi videonya nggak sebagus itu. Lagipula siapa yg butuh terjemahan? Fokus ke step by stepnya aja.

  4. YouTube sekarang jadi salah satu andalan kalau lagi butuh tip, resep, dll. Udah jadi semacam guru online :D


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