5 Event Waste Management Suggestions

event waste management

For bloggers, coming or being invited to an event or workshop is a usual activity. But have you ever noticed there is so much waste that can actually be avoided?

Unfortunately, EOs often act according to the general standards that have existed since long ago. Sometimes the EO just follows the packages offered by the hotel as the owner of the venue. Those who work in this field are so busy that they don't have time to think about further details and change the old practices.

For the past two months, I have written 8 articles on www.emak2blogger.com related to event waste. During the making of the article, I read a lot and found out about the waste produced by an event. I think it will be useful if I write the summary here.

Concern about the waste generated from an event, only became a discussion among event participants. EO itself has not taken any concrete action. However, bloggers who discuss it are still very little and all foreign bloggers.

Why aren't there Indonesian bloggers writing about event waste huh?

Maybe someone has written about it, it's just that it doesn't appear on Google searches.

But never mind, that's not the main problem. The main problem is the event waste.


ID cards are important for certain events because they make EO, ​​participants and speakers easy to communicate. However, ID cards that use plastic holder with pin or lanyard will end up as waste. Indeed, there are people who collect IDs for keepsakes, but how many? The rest ends up piled in a drawer.

My suggestion is to use ID cards from a stickers that can be discarded immediately after the event is finished. If you continue to use ID card from plastic with pin or lanyard, ask the participants to return them after the event is completed. EO need to set up a place for the returning ID card holders. EO can use them again in the next event.

For participants, the id card holders can be used for other purposes. Please find the tutorial on the KEB website.


Stationary kits are events properties that are always given to participants. The funny thing is that the property is always a block note and pencil. I can understand the block note. But pencil? Why are old people given pencils? Indonesians don't usually write in pencil. Moreover, the majority of HB pencils that are barely visible for writing.

My suggestion is that you don't need to prepare paper and pencils at all. People who come to the event must have prepared themselves and some have used cellphones to take notes. Even the participants preferred to take photos of the material displayed on the screen rather than taking notes. EO only needs to provide a pen to fill in the attendance list. And even then it is not necessary if the attendance list in on a laptop.


Photocopy of press release is the event waste that I cannot understand the most. I call it waste because it is only used for a while before bloggers or reporters make it an article. Even then it is not necessarily because often the press release has been sent via email along with the invitation. They have read it. Carrying papers make them inconvenience.

The material already on the slide also does not need to be photocopied. Several times I have come to events that always end with requests for material in digital form, either by copying it on a flash disk or asking to be sent via email.

So, today's events should be paperless.


Souvenir is the most awaited thing from an event. Actually this is not a waste because participants expect it. But it will be a waste if the participants often come to events that give the same souvenirs, such as t-shirts and of course goodie bags.

In order not to become a waste, I have written articles on the use of t-shirts and goodie bags from events on the KEB website. Please visit.


Coming to an event organized by a professional EO means satiety. But often hotel services where the event is held are too excessive. Many bottles of mineral water are distributed and not all are drunk. In fact they request certain mineral water brands to maintain prestige. Even though bottled mineral water is the source of apprehensive plastic waste, which is now a concern of all parties.

My suggestion is not to provide mineral water in a bottle at all. The hotel provides empty glasses, doesn't it? It would be better to assign the waiter to pour mineral water from a pitcher.

I understand, event's SOP has been like that since a long time ago and EO did not dare to make changes. Changes will be regarded as shortcomings for those who do not understand. Good communication skills are needed to make participants understand that what they are doing is for the sake of caring for the environment.

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  1. Always love your out of the box way of thinking!
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  2. That right. Many mubazir things in some event
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