How To Fold Socks And Hijab Inner Cap

Hijabs and socks are part of fashion that often doesn't get much attention. It's time for me to fold and store it neatly.

This is not the Konmari method because I don't use drawers or plastic containers as Marie Kondo always does. She also doesn't wear a hijab or headscarf, so she doesn't pay much attention to these particular objects that often disappear and then appear on their own.

I use a pouch that I made myself. This pouch is big because it was meant for men's shoes. But the material motif was too cute for men. So now I use it to store socks, hijab inner cap and hand sleeves. This pouch is suitable for my small closet because it can be easily tucked between my clothes.

This is also not a new method. It may have been passed down from generation to generation. In the past I rolled and tucked the socks. Unfortunately, this method makes the cuff loosen easily because we use the it to insert the roll.

Now I use a box-shaped fold as above. Indeed, we still use some parts to tighten the roll but they do not cause damage. Socks and hijab inner cap are safe, not stretched frequently.

The main step is very easy: fold - roll - fold.


Actually I don't like wearing socks because my feet will sweat and become slippery. Moreover, I drive myself and my car uses 3 pedals. So I really need both of my legs. Nevertheless, I don't mind wearing socks for certain occasions.

I do not roll and tuck the socks into its cuff. This method makes the cuff stretch dan damage quickly. Now I follow the method above. Here are the steps.

  1. Place the socks in a cross position. The position of the cross is a bit down.
  2. Fold the bottom of the socks so that they cover the cross section.
  3. Fold the right and left socks to the center. If the socks are long, you can fold twice on each side.
  4. Fold the top to the bottom so that the cuff goes into the bottom fold formed from the cross. For long socks, you can fold them twice.
  5. Finished.


Some people do not take care of the hijab inner cap seriously. But that's not me because I like the smell of my scented ironing water when wearing it. So, I am among those who always iron my hijab inner caps and spray fragrances to them. Even so, I sometimes skip folding and storing them neatly. I Often throw them to my clothes pile which makes them hard to find without messing up my closet.

The way to fold the shorter hijab inner cap or ciput is different from the socks above. Because it only consists of one part, not two parts like socks, folding it becomes easier.

  1. Fold the cuff to the seam limit.
  2. Turn the entire hijab inner cap so that the fold is in the below.
  3. Fold the right and left of the hijab inner cap to the middle.
  4. Fold and insert the cone section into the pleat hole formed by the folds.
  5. Finished.


I also don't like wearing this anti-chubby hijab inner cap because it makes me sweat and have breathing difficulty. I prefer wearing instant hijab or triangular hijab that simply use a short hijab inner cap. Nevertheless, I have some of it because sometimes I wear a hijab that needs neck covering. 

Although the shape is long and looks random, the method of folding is almost the same as the short hijab inner cap.

  1. Fold the bottom entrance of the hijab inner cap as wide as desired.
  2. Turn the entire hijab inner cap so that the fold is in the below.
  3. Fold the right and left of the hijab inner cap to the middle until it's neat.
  4. Fold the top of the hijab inner cap to the pleat. Do not exceed the pleat.
  5. Fold it again to the end of the pleat and insert the rest into the hole formed by the previous folds.
  6. Finished.

With the above method, socks and hijab inner cap will not easily damaged. Put them in a container or pouch so they're not easily lost.

Good luck!

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