How To Make A Bunting, The Best Fabric Scrap Buster

A bunting or bunt is a decoration made of paper or cloth that is cut into a flag shape. Some called it baby bunting or English bunting.  But it actually came from the Royal Navy signal flags in the 17th century. Nowadays it is used for festive decorations, birthdays, classroom, baby shower and many more. You can even use it as your kid's room decoration. Making a bunting is the best way for scrap buster.

fabric bunting

Actually I made this bunting a long time ago for the Pasar Santai preparation. I have uploaded the YouTube video as well. You can find the video at the bottom of this article.

Basically what you need is just fabric scrap in any forms. The form of the bunting can be triangle, same with mine or other shapes. The rope can use a wide ribbon or bias tape. I use the fabric scrap instead.

Prepare The Rope

If you use a finished rope, you can proceed to the next step. But if you use fabric scrap like me, arrange the cloth in an elongated position and fold it so that the edge of the fabric is inside. Iron it so that the position does not change but do not sew it first. You can use bias tape sewing technic which cut the cloth in an oblique direction. But if you haven't understood the technic yet, just connect the scrap like connecting two ordinary fabrics.

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The length of the rope depends on the needs. We have to prepare the rope first so that the fabric scrap needs can be known.

scrap buster

Prepare Fabric Scrap

Extend the prepared rope with on the floor. Place the cloth along the rope. Leave the right and left straps without cloth because they will be used to tie on the wall or other places. The distance between the cloth is up to you. Don't forget that each position contains two fabrics of the same size. Later the two fabrics will be stacked and sewn.

Sew The Bunting

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Sew the stacked cloth edges except the edge that is destined to be connected with the rope. Bad fabric surface is placed outside. After sewing, turn it so that the good surface of the fabric is on the outside. Arrange the cloth along the rope as before. But this time insert the cloth part that is not sewn between the folds of the cord and then sew them together. Use a pin to help maintain that position. So for this process you will repeatedly stop to check the position of the cloth whether it is neatly inside the rope or not.

Easy, right? For more details, please play the video below.

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  1. seems easy to make. bunting flag always be a hero in event decoration for any moment. it makes room more colourful. I'll practice it, someday! thanks for sharing mbak..


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