How To Sew Zippered Pocket, Helped By Double-Sided Tape

The technique of installing a zippered pocket is actually simple but requires patience and neatness. For those who have not smoothly sewed, this is difficult. So, let's use an easier way even though the process is longer.

Untidy zippered pocket sewn with the usual techniques by unskilled bag maker.

Zippered pocket is preferred by bag owners to store keys or coins safely. The owner of the bag does not need to open the bag and make the inside bag messy just to take the cellphone. That is why bag makers must have zippered pocket sewing skills.

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Techniques for making zippered pocket can be found on the internet, both in the form of blogs and youtube videos. A common technique is sewing upside down. After that the fabric is turned over and sewn into place. Well, you,re not good enough in sewing, this piercing stitch will look uncluttered. What often happens, the fabric along the zipper is folded in several places or the inner fabric is visible.

The way I will show is easier but the process is a bit long. The tutorial is already on the internet but not much. If later you are good at sewing, you should learn to use the usual techniques so that the work is quickly completed. The usual technique is very useful for completing large quantities of orders.

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Let's start to learn how to sew zippered pocked, helped by double tape.

Referring to the title, then besides fabric and zippers, all we need is double-sided tape. Use the smallest double tape so that it is suitable to be used to cover one centimeter hem or wider than that.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Stack the inner and outer fabric in the same order.
  2. Mark the zipper location on the bad part of the fabric.
  3. Cut the line of the zipper placemark.
  4. Separate the two fabrics.
  5. Fold the hem inward with the help of an iron.
  6. Stack materials with bad fabric parts facing each other.
  7. Slip the double tape between the inner and outer fabric along the circumference of the zipper hole.
  8. Place the zipper in the prepared hole.
  9. Slip the double tape between the zipper and inner cloth.
  10. Sew around the hole on the good surface of the outer fabric.
  11. Fold the inner fabric to cover the zipper, then trim the meeting of the inner fabric edges.
  12. Sew all the edges of the folded inner cloth together.
  13. Finished.

The process is simpler, right? It's longer because you have to stick double tape but it's not too long. All beginner bag maker can do it.

More details can be seen on the beyourselfwoman youtube channel below!

Happy trying! Good luck!

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  1. I find sewing frustrating, especially because my fine motor skill is not good enough.Even I am bad in drawing or cutting a straight line without marker. Thank you for the tips though, surely will try it if I have chance.

  2. Wah ada videonya juga. Ini pasti membantu banget buat yang mau bikin tempat buat naruh zipper-nya.

  3. Tipsnya super berfaedah banget nih Mak.
    Buat yang newbie di bidang jahit menjahit, bisa mengaplikasikan trik ini yes.

  4. it looks like pretty easy, till i try it by myself. Mak Lusi mah emang kreatif dan berbakat. Makasi tutorialnya ya maaaak, ntr deh pelan pelan nyobain.. hihihi

  5. Telaten bener deh :) . Suamiku minggu lalu beli mesin jahit mba. Kayaknya dia senang kalau belajar bikin begini deh :) Makasih ya mba sudah berbagi

  6. Baru sebatas wacana pengen jahit tas sendiri, tapi entah kapan waktunya, hahahaa
    SElalu deh rajin berbagi inspirasi nih mbak Lus, jangan pernah berhenti bikin tutorial yang kreatif gini ya mbak

  7. Makasih tutorialnya, jadi tahu deh cara bikin tas mini. Kebetulan banget lagi pengin bikin-bikin kerajinan gitu biar nambah keterampilan

  8. 13 langkah yang simple.
    Tapi bagi saya tetap susah mbak hehehe...
    Baca caption gambarnya kok saya pengen senyum ya "... by unskilled bag maker"

  9. Duh mak lusiii, otakku masih belum nyampe kalau urusan jahit menjahit.

  10. Pas kebetulan pengen bikin toteg bag yg ada kantung resleting ddalam

  11. Maybe it looks simple step but for me who can't sew, it will be difficult. But the video tutorial is so helpful. Thank you

  12. Njelinet ya Mak. Butuh kesabaran dan ketelatenan buat masang satu resleting saja.

  13. Bahkan bikin zippered itu ada polanya yaa...
    Aku kira tinggal gunting...
    Rapihnyaa...pengin banget bisa jahit.

  14. Keren Mak Lus udah nulis blog post berbahasa Inggris nih. Aku suka lihat youtube nya, lebih mudah diikuti buat ku yg ga ahli menjahit

  15. Terima kasih untuk berbagai tutorialnya. Sayang, diriku tidak bakat menjahit dan tidak belajar menjahit juga


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