5 Easy DIY Pashmina Refashion Ideas

These DIY pashmina refashion ideas are so easy that you only need one pin or brooch.

tenun songket lombok

Last week, I was given one set of woven cloth or songket from Lombok. The set consists of a piece of fabric for lower body and a piece of pashmina. I love it. It is commonly used to complete official party or dinner outfit.

But I have a problem with this kind of outfit. The pashmina is worn for covering shoulder. I have to hold it all the time so that it won't drop and ruin the outfit. So I don't usually use it and just keep it in the closet.

There are some ideas on how to refashion the pashmina in internet, but mostly the steps include cutting. Of course I won't do that. The pashmina is too beautiful to be cut.

I managed to compile several ideas which not include cutting. Nevertheless, some of them need hand stitching. Then I came up with the idea to change the hand stitching process with pin or brooch. Actually I only need one pin. With this pin, everyone can try below ideas. It's so easy! 

Tutorial video will be uploaded soon in beyourselfwoman youtube channel. Make sure you have subscribed beyourselfwoman youtube channel so you won't miss the video.

Pashima Refashion #1

There are already many tutorials about this style in internet. The different with mine is that I use pin to put the front fabric together with the tied knot on the back neck. It makes the front fabric wider, not pulled to the back neck. The result shows how the fabric is layered beautifully.

Pashmina Refashion #2

This idea looks like a blouse. Although it covers the whole body, you still need to wear inner shirt because this is more like poncho. So it can easily and unintentionally opened.

tutorial pasmina jadi baju

Pashmina Refashion #3

I like this one. This is elegant and neatly covers the body. For this style, you have to behave yourself. This is not suitable for a person who moves a lot.

diy pashmina refashion

Pashmina Refashion #4

This one looks sexy, doesn't this? Actually, this style can be suitable for my muslimah sisters. You only need to wear a fashionable inner shirt.

diy poncho

Pashima Refashion#5

This styele is called kemben, a traditional outfit which can be found everywhere in Java and Bali. I think is not suitable for muslimah, even though you add a good inner shirt. Inner shirt will only make this style messy.

kemben songket

That's all about pashmina refashion ideas. Step by step on how to do it will be on beyourselfwoman youtube channel. I hope this article can help you to take your pashmina collection out of the closet. Happy trying! 

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  1. Aaahhh, kerennyaaaa...!!
    Modal kreatif bisa menghasilkan look yg super duper menarik ya mbaaa

  2. Wih, jadi banyak ide ya mbak buat pake phasminanya. Biasanya cuma dipakai kerudung aja

  3. I can see how cool the pashmina can be. It’s interesting to see so many modification that we can do with this piece of clothes.

  4. Saya pernah nih jalan-jalan bawa pashmina lebar begini sama inner. Maksudnya supaya hemat bawaan. Lagipula dari satu pashmina memang bisa dibuat macam-macam :)

  5. Pahsminanya harus yang ukuran gede dong ya biar bisa jadi macam2 refashion gitu ya mak

  6. Iya nih aku jg kemarin Nemu outer dari pasmina yg dipake temen di acara blogger langsung deh tutorial pemakaiannya hehe..emang jd keren nih..

  7. Satu phasmina bisa jadi lima ide kreasi yang berbeda ya mbak. Bisa niru yang nomer 1 atau 2 untuk outer juga nih

  8. Wah, boleh-boleh nih idenya,MakLus. Aku punya lumayan nih pashmina dari kado. Gak pernah aku pake soalnya gak bisa makenya kalo dijadiin kerudung. Jadinya paling untuk rompi. Bisa nih idenya aku coba.

  9. These ideas are good, want to practise number 1 and number 2. It seems will look nice on me ;)

  10. ini nih yang jadi alasanku kenapa aku sukaaaaa banget ama pashmina, karena bias dikreasikan jadi berbagai model gitu...

  11. Saya udah malas make pasmina. Koleksi pasmina saya akhirnya saya donasikan ke adik saya aja. Heuheuheu...

  12. Bisa dijadiin gtu yaa :D Gak pernah kepikiran taunya ya cuma buat kerudung atau semacam selimut gtu :D
    Btw satu lagi mbak,dijadikan semacam rok bawahan jg ok :D

  13. Cakep cakep deh pashmina refashion dengan berbagai model, dari yang elegan sampai seksi. Kain yg lebar jadi mudah dikreasikan

  14. Wawww maa Syaa Allah, kereeen banget bisa di modifikasi macam2 pashminanya 😍 warna dan motifnya juga cantik! Suka deh 😍


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