How I Store Sewing Thread

The sewing thread must be stored properly so that it is easy to find when needed.

sewing thread keeper

As a crafter who hasn't received orders too often, I buy sewing thread by retail. Buying with large quantities or 1 pack is more economical. It's a shame if it doesn't run out quickly because it will take up storage. It happened that my sewing corner was not wide, so I could not store a lot of material. While the color of the thread that I use varies.

I use 2 types of sewing thread, for hand sewing and machine sewing. How can it be different? Actually it is not intentionally distinguishing between types of sewing thread. I have used threads for hand sewing for years before I bought a sewing machine. I bought the yarn at a nearby store without seeing the brand. I only see the similarity with the cloth to be sewn. I sewed with my hands just to close the shirt hole. That is why up to one roll does not run out for years.

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As for sewing machines, I use Astra brand threads. (not advertising). Actually the thread for sewing machines can be used up faster than hand sewing thread because it is used for long fabrics. It's just that the thread I need consists of various colors so if each color buys 1 pack, my sewing corner will be full of thread. Maybe later if my order is already very large, I will buy sewing thread in the pack.

Ideally the color of the sewing thread must be visible. We can also know if the thread will run out so that the sewing work is not interrupted. 

Therefore, provide transparent containers. The container can be made of glass, mica or plastic. Use recycled containers, such as used jam jar or used pastry containers. Of course you have to carefully place the glass container. Keep out of reach of children.

On Pinterest, there are many used thread rack places. Rack like that is sold in many online stores. But if you live in a small house with a limited yard, which means that it is close to the road that the vehicle passes, you should not use this rack. Open shelves make the thread easily exposed to dust. Besides making the room dirty, it also makes the thread itself dirty. Dirty yarn will contaminate the sewn material and interfere with the performance of the sewing machine.

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What I use in the photo is used cookies container. The cookies are from Eid Al Fitr gift parcel. If the sticker is still covered, there are 2 ways to clean it.

  1. Wipe using cajuput oil (minyak kayu putih) and cloth.
  2. Wipe with warm water using hands.

Coincidentally this container fits with the height of the thread roll so it looks neat.

Well, that's how I store the sewing thread. How do you store your sewing threads?

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